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1st Dream

Three Cow Dream


I am running south on a sanded road. I cannot see what is ahead of me. I am aware that on my right is a ditch which seems to be filled with sandburs and on the other side of the ditch a field planted with some kind of sorghum. I am not sure whether it is corn, Milo , or silage, but it is about 18 inches high and very lush and green. On my left the ditch is also filled with sandburs and the field on the other side has been plowed some time in the past because I am aware of grass and weeds starting to grow on the clumps of earth. I look over my left shoulder and see a farm stead . I see an L shaped windbreak to block the north and west winds. I see a White House facing south with a white picket fence to the south and east of the house. I see a driveway that connects to the road I am running on and runs west to east. The driveway stops when it reaches a barn about 100 yards south east of the house. The barn is white with a red roof, as are three or four other buildings north and east of the house. I see a white fenced carrel south of the barn and about 80 acres of barbwire fenced pasture with white fence posts. This pasture is to the east of the plowed ground I am running beside. I see a crossroad to the north of the windbreak. On the northwest and northeast fields past the intersection corn is growing and appears to be about five feet tall. At this point in the dream I become aware of three dried up old milk cows located In the north east corner of the field I am running along side. One cow has a red bandana around its neck. Another has a leather strap that looked like it held a bell at one time. The third cow had two very worn stubble horns. I am very surprised to see these cows and I think to myself, why haven’t they been butchered, because they seem to be very old. I take a double take and become aware they are moving toward me with a great deal of power and force, and think they are to old to be moving in this way. I begin to feel frightened by the power and energy they have and think they are going to run right over me and there is no way I can avoid them. In a flash I am aware that I cannot see what is ahead of me. It is as if I have no future. The cows are on me. I can hear and feel their breath. The sound of their hooves hitting the ground is like thunder. In this flash of a moment I am aware they are not coming toward me but going into the future with this great force of energy and power. I take hold of the horns of the cow with the stub horns at the last second of opportunity and as my feet left off the ground I wake up.